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MyFax is the company I choose. It was very satisfying to call AT&T for the last time — to disconnect my phone line. Since I made the change to MyFax, I've slashed my faxing costs by eliminating a phone line, fax machine, paper and toner.

At $10 a month and no set up fee, MyFax is a great value. And if you select the annual payment option during the online sign-up process, you'll pay just over $9.00 a month.

For just pennies a day, you can receive 200 incoming and send 100 outgoing fax pages each month. Additional faxes, including incoming toll-free pages, cost just 10¢ each and it's easy to upgrade to a larger plan if needed. MyFax offers local and toll-free fax numbers throughout the USA, Canada, England and Europe. MyFax offers 1 year of free fax storage via the Internet and allows up to 5 users per account.

MyFax integrates well with Microsoft Office and there's even a free fax plug-in for ACT! contact manager. If you own a Smart phone, you can receive faxes as PDF email attachments on it.

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eFax has the largest Internet fax network and supports over 11 million customers worldwide in 46 different countries. eFax, owned by J2 Global Communications, boasts a 99.5% up-time and offers local fax numbers in over 3,300 cities worldwide. Over the past three years, eFax expanded its geographic coverage by about 62%. eFax currently offers toll-free fax numbers throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe. When I called eFax's customer support for information, my questions were answered quickly.

eFax costs $16.95 a month ($14.13 when you sign up to eFax's annual plan). eFax allows up to 5 users to receive 130 fax pages and send up to 30 per month. Overage fax pages cost 10¢ each (20¢ for extra incoming toll-free fax pages). eFax has a $10 set-up fee and stores faxes online for up to 1 year free of charge. eFax can also deliver faxes as PDF email attachments to your mobile phone.

FYI, J2 Global Communication's acquisitions include eFax, RapidFax, CallWave Fax, Send2Fax, SmartFax, Fax.com, FaxMicro, OneFax and jConnect..

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  eFax's Annual Plan Discount

Receive up to 100 fax pages a month for as little as $2.00—based on a one-time annual payment of $24.00. All outgoing faxes within the US cost only 5¢ per page. Faxes sent to your fax number are directed to your email address, so you may receive faxes from anywhere, anytime. MaxEmail's coverage area includes 140 area codes. MaxEmail charges a one-time activation fee of $10.

MaxEmail offers other Internet faxing plans including an $84.00 annual plan (or $9.95 monthly), but the one mentioned above is their best priced deal.

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FAXAGE is a cost-effective Internet fax solution offering the widest variety of plans including 5¢ faxing at $3.49 a month. Other good plans from FAXAGE include 150 inbound and 150 outbound fax pages at $7.95 a month and 5,000 inbound fax pages for $19.95 a month. FAXGAE has a low 5¢ per fax minute overage charge on both local and toll-free fax numbers, and it charges a nominal $5.00 set-up fee. FAXAGE also has a plan at $64.95 a month with an average cost of 1.3¢ per fax.

Designed for small business use, FAXAGE allows for multiple fax numbers per account and forwards faxes to as many email addresses as the user specifies. User management, status reporting, list faxing and other features are all provided via an integrated web interface. In addition to the Website, both email and custom API support are provided for sending and receiving faxes.

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At $9.95 per month and no set-up fee, RapidFax gives you a local or toll-free fax number for incoming faxes, including 300 combined incoming or outgoing pages. Additional pages cost only 8¢ each. RapidFax's Internet faxing plan includes a maximum of 2 users and free fax storage via the Internet for 30 days. RapidFax is supported by J2 Global Communications, which also owns eFax, CallWave Fax, Send2Fax, SmartFax, Fax.com, FaxMicro, OneFax and jConnect. RapidFax offers an exceptional value within the J2 branded line up.

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Make sure you read the fine print before signing up to Ringcentral. Yes, it offers a $7.99 plan, but that's assuming you pay $95.88 annually — otherwise it's $9.99 a month. RingCentral's fax service has no set up fee and includes a local or toll-free fax number and 300 shared incoming or outgoing monthly faxes. Additional fax pages cost only 6¢ each, making it a good faxing value overall. RingCentral's plan includes a maximum of 6 users and free online fax storage for 30 days. View video demo.

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